Animated LED Eyes

Jameco P/N: 2171591

Fully Assembled Board
Animation of eyes looking forward.

This is a kit offered by Jameco and developed by Sinister Circuits. It features a pair of inquisitive animated “eyes” that are both spooky and funny. Add the optional motion sensor and the eyes look forward whenever someone wanders by—especially cool when many eyes are involved.

Click Here to get your own. It's a kit, so you'll have to assemble it.   If you don't have the electronics chops to build it yourself, then you can purchase it fully assembled and tested (see below).

Picture of PIC Microcontroller

The PIC microcontroller that drives the eyes is not included with the kit. You can either purchase a blank and program it yourself -- it's carried by these friendly vendors:

Or you can purchase an already programmed part from us [Sinister Circuits] (see "Programmed PIC", below).

Picture of PIR Sensor

Also, if you want your eyes to be interactive, then you'll need to purchase a PIR [motion] sensor (not included in the kit). You can get it at one of these fine vendors:

Programmed PIC

  • Please allow up to 1 week for delivery

$14.95  + tax

[USA only]

Animated Eyes

Only 2 left!

  • Fully assembled and tested
  • PIR sensor included
  • May not be exactly like the photo
  • Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

$65.00  + tax

[USA only]
Quantity Pricing

Why Up To One Week Delivery?

I get around 3 to 4 of these orders per year leaving very little capital for purchasing more parts, so I only replenish when I run out, and at low quantities. It can take as many as 3 days for the parts to arrive, and then another 4 to 5 days for USPS to get it to you, so you can see why it might take a week [or more] to get it to you.

Why Not Exactly Like The Photo?

I’m just some guy that thought it would be fun to offer a project via Club Jameco. Being a lone hobbyist, I have limited resources. For instance, Jameco is the only source I have for those black background LED arrays (other than buying them from the manufacturer at quantities numbered in the thousands). In the future, I may have to settle for an array with a gray background, or with LEDs of a color other than green, or other such variations. Also, I can’t always get the PIR in white.

Another example is the battery holder shown in the photo. A few of them have succumbed to the pressure exerted on the plastic casing by the battery via the spring. The plastic actually tears! So, in the last few orders I’ve substituted a different holder that is not flat but holds the batteries in more of a bundle.

Let me know if you need it to look more like the photo and I’ll try to accommodate you -- might cost extra, though. Use the Contact Us form for inquiries.

Why Up To Three Weeks Delivery?

I get around 1 of these orders per year. In fact I’ve gotten only two, so far, as of this writing. As such, there is very little capital to go towards purchasing more parts, so I only buy them when I run out, and at low quantities. Also, because I get so few orders for these [and every order could well be the last] I only build a few of these at a time, and only when an order comes in.

But, the main reason I request three weeks leeway is in case I run out of PCBs. I order them through Seeed Studio Fusion where I can get 10 for around 2 to 3 bucks apiece. It typically takes around 3 weeks to get the boards, so 3 weeks might not even be enough.